Under the Microscope – Dragonfly Anatomy

Under the Microscope – Dragonfly AnatomyAn ‘A’ size PDF poster showing details of Dragonfly anatomy using macro & microscopy imaging of a Hawker Dragonfly. Download Now!Size: 1.9MBVersion: v1.1 Share List

Macro Details – Flower Anatomy

Macro Details – Flower AnatomyA PDF poster presenting a photographic study of flower anatomy using an Asiatic Lily as a macro subject. Download Now!Size: 2.5MBVersion: v1.2 Share List

The Honey Bee – a photographic study

The Honey Bee – a photographic studyA 10 page PDF booklet using microscopy & macro photography to study the functional anatomy of the Honey Bee (Apis mellifera). Download Now!Size: 1.5MBVersion: v1.0 Share List

Under the Microscope – Butterfly Wings

Under the Microscope – Butterfly WingsAn educational ‘A’ size pdf poster showing the structure & colouration of butterfly wings. Featuring a Peacock butterfly. Download Now!Size: 2.9 MBVersion: v1.0 Share List