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About these websites:

A group of websites about photography, run by award winning photographer AnnMarie Jones. The main purpose of this site is to provide a sample of my work (a shop window for my business), to share the beauty around us and to hopefully to put a smile on your face, dear visitor.

Articles & tips about photography, cameras and photography equipment can be found on the magazine site and you can buy prints from our print store. Thanks for visiting us, whatever the reason for your arrival at our website, I hope you enjoy the visit and find what you’re looking for, please do browse the galleries.

About AnnMarie:

I’m lucky enough to live in the beautiful countryside of Wales and much of my photography reflects my location. I passionately believe that with the amazing technological powers that humans have developed, comes a responsibility to nurture & protect the fragile planet we live on; not just for ourselves but for all life, sentient or not. It is my desire, that by using a camera to share the beauty & diversity that I see, I may share with you a little bit of benefit & joy from keeping in touch with nature.

If you choose to purchase a print, then thank you very much for the support. It all helps to allow more photography to be undertaken & also helps in our efforts to conserve the local wildlife & their ecosystem. We’re currently able to ship prints to most of Europe & N. America but if your country isn’t covered then please do feel free to get in touch.

“Wildlife, Landscape & Portrait photographer; you could also call me a conservationist, small-holder, horse enthusiast, parent, home educator, amateur astronomer & general libertarian.
I prefer to work on my own ‘patch’; this tends to mean mainly Wales and extending to the UK in general. I work by producing images of the whole ecosystem from large landscapes to tiny macros. My passion is to photograph & share the beauty of this world. Stylistically, I’m drawn to details with the occasional foray in to the more sublime.
If you’d like to employ a photographer, be it for a commercial project, portraiture or to record a special day; then please feel free to contact me.